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8 oct. 2023 - 29 oct. 2023

Course VI - CCT Approach

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À propos

This online course presents the CCT model, framework, and approach in psychotherapy. Now that you have received specific embodied mind training with mindfulness, awareness, and compassion – you must continue your practice regularly – you are ready to discover the CCT approach. This course explores the embodied mind mechanisms and methods of stress reduction, self-healing and optimal health based on a growing body of neuropsychological research and clinical application of contemplative methodologies and interventions like mindfulness, compassion and embodied practices drawn from the traditional training systems of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist psychology. The CCT approach framework and methods follow eight steps of embodied mind training. *Audience This course is open to people who have taken the CCT origins and foundations course and are interested to implement CCT approach as an adjunct to their clinical practice. No artistic experience is needed to attend this course.

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