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6 mars 2024 - 24 avr. 2024

Course II - What is Reality?

  • 50jours
  • 2étapes
Les participants ayant complété toutes les étapes recevront un badge à la fin du programme.

À propos

Buddhist-based meditation and contemplative creative practices familiarize us with the embodied mind by investigating and understanding our relationship with reality. We train to be fully present and become ‘awakened’ to “reality as it is.” Before going deeper into specific training on mindfulness, compassion, and phenomena, you can slow down in this online course and start questioning why you want to practice meditation. What is reality? Or, more accurately, what is reality for you and others? What are some common factors, conditions, and circumstances of experience of what is human reality? To do so, we explore what reality is according to our perception and what are its causes.

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