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6 oct. 2023 - 3 nov. 2023

Origins and Foundations of CCT

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À propos

This online course briefly overviews the Buddhist origins and foundations of contemplative creative science applied in psychotherapy and clinical practice with a new model of intervention: Contemplative Creative Therapy (CCT). This course is mainly theoretical, with some contemplative practices. This course is essential to understand the origins and foundations of contemplative creative therapy (CCT). It is a foundational course you must have taken before going further into the CCT training and certification program. We start with the ancestral roots of meditation and yoga, to Buddha Gautama’s realization, Dharma teachings and the formation of the Sangha, and the development of sacred Dharma Art in India. Then, after Buddha Gautama’s death, we explore the second wave of Buddhist teachings that spread to Northern and Southeast Asia, specifically with Nalanda Monastic University, Chinese, Japanese and Tibetan Buddhism. We look briefly at the impact of invasions, commercial trades, and colonization on Buddhist modernism, Buddhist psychology, and Dharma arts practices integrated into North American culture. In the last module, participants are introduced to the contemplative creative science (CCS) definition and theory and contemplative creative therapy (CCT) approach and methods of intervention in mental health. *It is recommended to take the introductory course to understand contemplative science and arts and how it has been assimilated and secularized into Western culture.

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