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Contemplative Creative Modalities and Practices:

Contemplative creative science (CCS) is a discipline of first-person, subjective internal and external inquiry (CCR 2021*) into the embodied mind and its multiple layers of experience of reality and our interconnection with other beings, life on this planet, and beyond. According to Contemplative Creative Science, the Dharma, creativity, meditation methods, and practices are inseparable from training the embodied mind. Developing a multimodal contemplative practice helps to align the body, speech, heart, and mind.


CCS utilizes multimodal contemplative creative and bio-based methods and practices (CCP) to cultivate attention, mindfulness, compassion, insight, and introspection to directly observe cognitive functions, content and projections and their impacts on functioning in relationship with self, other humans and beings, the planet, and the universe at large.

At CCCS, the modalities used in contemplative creative practices are:

Brushwork, contemplative photo collage, mindful circles, contemplative writing, contemplative movement, clay and natural arrangements, and contemplative photography. Natural arrangements are bio-based practices on seasonal or five elements (water, air, fire, earth, and space), exploration and contemplation.


Contemplative creative practices (CCP) are forms of meditation that are a continuum of mindfulness, compassion and awareness meditation practices informed by Buddhist methods of inquiry such as contemplation, deconstruction, and meditation family of practices. The contemplative creative process is similar to the creative arts therapy; similar modalities are used, such as brush painting, collage, journaling, body movement, clay and natural arrangements, installations, and photography are mediums used to observe and contemplate the mind, as well as cultivate value-based qualities (Ates, 2017, 2022).


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